The Team

Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz  |
Founding Executive Director
Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz specializes in areas related to immigration, youth, and education. He completed his Ed.D. at the University of San Francisco in the Department of International and Multicultural Education. His dissertation research focused on the racial identity development of undocumented Latino youth. He is bilingual in Spanish and English, was born in Brazil to Nicaraguan parents and immigrated to the United States, which has provided him with exclusive insight into many of the issues that educators face today. He has traveled around the country as a keynote speaker, provided cultural competency trainings for educators and organizations, and has been featured in a documentary that focuses on contemporary civil rights activists. Consequently, his creative and unique approach provides schools with innovative solutions for students and teachers to achieve educational excellence and equity within the classroom. In addition to being the founding Executive Director of E3: Education, Excellence, & Equity, he currently serves as an adjunct professor at Dominican University and acts as a trustee for several independent schools and educational organizations.

Maria Raquel Gramajo

Program Coordinator

Maria Raquel Gramajo is our Program Coordinator. She completed her degree in Psychology at San Francisco State University. She is also a graduate of the San Rafael School District. Maria Raquel coordinates our programs and is our primary contact person for scheduling meetings with the Executive Director.

Allison McManis |
Youth Education Coordinator

Allison McManis joins E3 through Public Allies, an Americorps program grounded in social justice and geared towards empowering rising leaders through trainings in inclusion and community engagement. Prior to Public Allies, Allison has served as a youth and young adult empowerment mentor for underserved communities in a variety of capacities, including sports and theatre arts.  As the Youth Education Coordinator at E3, Allison both develops and implements the youth curriculum and manages the program's social media.

Allison graduated from Vassar College with honors in Geography and a specific focus on the human dimensions of global change as it shapes access to power and the allocation of resources.  

Kaira Espinoza

Kaira Espinoza, a former Communications staff member at E3, now collaborates as a writer for E3 publications.  She is a published author with various articles in San Francisco's El Tecolote Bilingual Newspaper, an essay in an anthology titled Rebels Speak Out: Letters from Young Activists, and her very own book, Poems About This Roller-Coaster Ride Called Life.

Kaira is a social activist and received her B.A. from San Francisco State University and her BCLAD English Teaching Credential from San Diego State University.